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GroundTruth Consulting Ltd provides training and consultancy for dynamic, fragile, hostile and crisis environments globally.

Humanitarian Stabilisation & Development Specialist Jon Goodwill

At GroundTruth, our organisation really is the sum of it’s people.  Here, we talk to humanitarian stabilisation and development specialist, Head of Operations and practitioner-trainer, Jon Goodwill, who has extensive experience working in fragile, hostile and dynamic...
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Hostile Environment Driver Training (HEDT)

GroundTruth HEDT 17-18 January 2018 Special New Year’s deal – £500 inc VAT per person (saving over £600) Are you confident negotiating traffic safely overseas? Could you cope faced with driving during a natural disaster? Hostile Environment Driver Training...
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Security Awareness for Fragile Environments Course

Security Awareness for Fragile Environments (SAFE) 12 – 14 February 2018 £POA Are you deploying to a country/region/city considered to be crime-hot and/or with a significant terrorist threat (e.g. Istanbul, Indonesia, Mexico City, Guatemala, Kinshasa, Khartoum,...
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First Response Emergency Care Training Course

First Response Emergency Care (FREC Level 3) 29 January – 2 February 2018 £600 inc VAT This QualSafe-regulated course is for individuals or teams operating in high risk environments where advanced medical aid may be delayed yachtsmen, remote...
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Who We Are

GroundTruth specialise in training teams and individuals for high-level performance in dynamic, fragile, hostile and crisis environments worldwide. Our track record in preparing organisations and individuals speaks for itself, with the successful inception and delivery of hundreds of complex projects around the globe.

Current clients include international organisations, government agencies and corporate bodies, all of whom are deeply committed to the care and security of their employees.

A commitment to people underpins all of our work.

At our core is a team of expert consultants and practitioner-trainers who have unparalleled real-life experience of recent and current events around the globe. Their knowledge of today’s dynamic, fragile and crisis environments ensures that our training and consulting is directly relevant to events on the ground – ‘groundtruthed’, in fact.

With a wealth of global experience drawn from crisis management, humanitarian, international development, military, emergency services, security, medical, business and accelerated learning backgrounds, all our personnel are also highly qualified in their fields. They bring deep knowledge, hard-won experience and training expertise to our clients, so our solutions are adaptive, real, flexible and relevant; our solutions work and are an exact match for your needs.

Our Qualifications
  • Award in Education Level 3/PTLLS Qualifications
  • Qualified Pyrotechnic Specialists
  • Qualified Critical Incident stress Management Practitioners
  • Qualified Executive Coaches
  • Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners (NLP)
  • Qualified Psychometric Practitioners
  • Qualified Fire Awareness Trainers
  • Qualified Surveillance Experts
  • Qualified Mine Awareness Experts
  • Qualified Close Protection Experts

In addition, for all projects, our commitment to manage risk, deliver predictable costs and manage resources is second to none.

Our Values
  • Professional integrity – honesty with you, honesty with ourselves
  • Passion – for what we do and who you are
  • Reliability – we strive to deliver quality products on time
  • Quality – effective execution, smarter solutions, professionally delivered
  • Focus – identifying the key areas of influence in your work, with a determined follow-through to make a positive impact
  • Walking the talk – only delivering expertise gained through first-hand experience of the truth on the ground.

What We Offer

We offer a range of consultancy services and training courses that are tailored to our client’s needs. All our services are available bespoke to your requirements.

We consult on all aspects of crisis and risk management, duty of care, leadership and team development for dynamic, fragile and hostile environments. Our knowledge of the cultural, political and military situations across a range of regions and contexts is unique. This, augmented by practical knowledge from the ground and an extensive network of regional contacts ensures our consultancy is highly relevant to our clients’ operations in today’s uncertain world.

Our training programmes are experiential in nature and focus on ‘learning by doing’. Most of our training is ‘in-scenario’, creating great realism. Immediately after each simulation we ‘hot-review’ the participant’s performance. This ensures they have the maximum opportunity to absorb and retain what they learn, so that ‘at-speed’ decision making becomes more intuitive and more immediate. There is a world of difference between knowing what to do when you have time on your hands and actually doing it in the heat of the moment.

  • Safety and Security Training
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Team Leadership, Personal Development
    and Negotiation Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Driver Training
  • Gap Year/ Lone Traveller Safety Training
  • Assessment and Selection
  • Risk Management Consultancy
  • Crisis Management Consultancy
  • Operational Consultancy