Our Safety, Risk, Crisis and Resilience courses (SAT, HEAT, SAFE) are approved by RoSPA

RoSPA Approved Course


GroundTruth has delivered safety and security courses for over ten years, for government departments, multinational organisations, corporate bodies and International NGOs

Safety and Security Training

GroundTruth offers three tiers of Safety and Security training to suit all contexts and environments.

Our experiential training is delivered in layers, each one building on those that went before. Our proven methods allow participants to accumulate skills fast, and then retain them, so that on deployment you will be able to access your training and make good decisions, even under considerable stress.

Different, Flexible and Fun!
We have created a training style that feels different from the outset – the feedback we receive is testament to this. We make things challenging yet fun. We encourage people to experiment and ‘play’ with concepts that are new to them. These, coupled with an approach which accounts for all learning styles, means people enjoy learning with us.

Our Safety, Risk, Crisis and Resilience courses are Approved by RoSPA.

  • Tier 1 – Security Awareness Training (SAT) is a one day course for people travelling or deploying to countries, regions or cities that are considered to have a crime level and/or terrorist threat that is over and above that which would be expected in any Western European capital.
  • Tier 2 – Security Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE) is a three day course for those individuals deploying to countries, regions or cities that are considered to be crime-hot and/or with a significant terrorist threat (e.g. Mexico City, Guatemala, Kinshasa, Khartoum, and Nairobi).
  • Tier 3 – Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is a five day course for those deploying to countries, regions or cities that are considered to be conflict-hot and/or with a high terrorist threat (e.g. Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan or Yemen as examples).

We tailor all our courses to suit the needs and requirements of each client and deliver a wide range of knowledge and skills across a range of key concepts and content as below:

Safety, Risk, Crisis Training
Course Content
Tier 1 SAT Tier 2 SAFE Tier 3 HEAT
 Threat & Risk (Dynamic Risk Assessment) x x x
 Deployment Planning x x x
 Situational Awareness x x x
 Surveillance Awareness x x
 Personal Safety and Security x x x
 Public Places and Building Security x x x
 Health & Well Being x x
 Incident: Prevention and Reaction x x
 Interpersonal Skills and conflict Management x x
 Travel & vehicle safety x x x
 Crowds & Civil Unrest x x x
 Loss of Liberty (Kidnap, Hostage and Detention survival) x x
 Working with Close Protection x
 Security & Communications x
 Battlefield Awareness (ERW, IED’s, IDF, SAF) x
 First Aid  0 hours 8 hours 18 hours

In addition we supply on-demand bespoke security training for individuals and teams deploying at short notice to crisis areas.