We provide a range of driver training options to suit all environments including high range, low range, defensive and protective driving packages.

Driver Training

GroundTruth offers a range of driver training packages tailored to relevant operating environments and designed to develop the skills, techniques and strategies required for safe and efficient driving.

We operate a mixed fleet of soft skin and armoured vehicles, including left & right hand drive, as well as manual and automatic models.

  • Tier 1 – Driver Awareness Training (DAT) is a one day course that covers the fundamentals of low range, high range and self-recovery techniques.
  • Tier 2 – Hostile Environment Driver Training (HEDT) is a two day course that is designed to provide participants with exposure to a wide range of vehicle types and configurations and experience of both protective and defensive driving techniques.
  • Tier 3 – Specialist Driver Training Courses provide a range of progressive skills on recognising and responding to hazards and threats; as well as mitigating actions and skills to respond to attack, ambush and hijack.
Course Content Tier 1 DAT Tier 2 HEDT Tier 3 Specialist
Principles of 4wd driving x x x
Low Range Driving x x x
High Range Driving x x x
Route Planning x x
Threats and risks x
Hazards and observations x x x
Understanding the system of vehicle control and the collision prevention formula x x x
Managing low traction surfaces x x x
Vehicle security and search x x
Anti-Ambush/Hijack drills x x
Surveillance detection and pre-incident indicators x x
Convoy Drills x x
Vehicle Maintenance x
Driver Familiarisation (Left and Right hand vehicle) x x
Dealing with road blocks /check points x x
Armoured Vehicle on and off road x x
Dead man take overs x
Self-Recovery x x
Defensive Driving x x
Protected Driving x

In addition to the bespoke courses for drivers in high risk environments and we also provide trainers for a range of hostile environment driver training programmes across the globe – our clients have included international organisations, NGOs, and Commercial organisations in Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Burkina Faso.