At GroundTruth safety is our main priority.

Gap Year Safety Training

The world is an uncertain place, but it is still an exciting place. People want to go and explore it, none more so than young adults, many of whom are taking a gap year.

Gap year trips can go wrong, sometimes badly wrong, because of a lack of knowledge and skills.

GroundTruth’s trainers and consultants have expertise that is ideally suited to equipping young adults for their global adventure. Our gap year safety training aims to help young people to understand how to travel securely, to teach them how to minimize danger to themselves, and thereby achieve a successful outcome to their time spent exploring the world. The course includes the following key concepts and content:

  • Before you go
  • What to take- Personal Kit and Equipment
  • Administration and Documents
  • Leaving/Arriving
  • Personal Safety and Security
  • First Aid, Health and Hygiene
  • Points of Contact
  • What to do if it all goes wrong