The GroundTruth team deliver first aid training to a range of government, commercial and third sector organisations

First Aid Training

GroundTruth’s First Aid courses combine both hands on and scenario based training that covers basic first aid through to blast injuries, fracture treatment, treatment of spinal injuries and treatment of illnesses common in hot and cold climates. Our training methods transfer skills effectively, developing participant’s confidence to be able to administer treatment and save lives in remote areas.

We provide a tiered approach that matches first aid skills to the appropriate environment:

  • Tier 1 – Basic First Aid (BFA).  For Urban or Peri-urban deployments where immediate definitive care facilities are available. A one day course with 8 hours of training content.
  • Tier 2 – Controlled Environments First Aid (CEFA). For deployments with controlled evacuation procedures in place where definitive care facilities are within 1hr. A two day course with 12 hours of training content.
  • Tier 3 – Challenging and Remote Environments First Aid (CARE-FA). For deployments to hostile and remote environments where definitive care facilities are more than 1 hour away or where self-evacuation may be required. A 2.5 day course with 18 hours of training content.

Each course covers a wide range of knowledge and skills covering the following key concepts and content as below:

Course Content Basic First Aid
Tier 1
Controlled Environment
Tier 2
Challenging and Remote Environment
Tier 3
Chain of life first aid priorities x x x
Incident management x x x
DRC1ABC x x x
Recovery position x x x
Resuscitation x x x
AED x x x
First Aid Kits x x x
Control Bleeding x x x
Burns x x x
Fractures x x x
Effects of hot and cold environments x x x
Common illnesses and conditions x x x
Casualty Evacuation x x x
Skill Assessment x x x
Trauma x x
Sterile Kits x
SAF, IDF, Blasts and Explosion x
RTC Drills x