Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre for First Aid Training

Qualsafe Awards Registered Centre

The GroundTruth team deliver first aid training to a range of government, commercial and third sector organisations

First Aid Training – Basic to Advanced

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW), First Aid at Work (FAW), First Response Emergency Care (FREC Level 3)

As specialists in providing training and mentoring to those teams and individuals who work in fragile and dynamic environments subject to a higher level of risk, GroundTruth’s range of First Aid and Medical Training courses are designed to suit a range of needs.

From basic first aid, treatment of common illnesses and the effects of hot and cold climates, through to trauma, advanced airway management, blast injuries, fracture treatment and treatment of spinal injuries, our first aid training methods ensure the effective transfer of skills, developing participants’ confidence in being able to administer treatment and save lives, even in remote areas.

Our experiential programmes are offered as both open and bespoke group courses, and combine both classroom-based sessions, hands-on training and practical scenarios, designed to embed learning ‘in the muscle’, for instant recall in times of stress.

Our QualSafe Approved First Aid Courses

Each course covers a wide range of knowledge and skills covering the following key medical concepts and content:

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

Course Duration: 8 hours contact teaching time

Suitable for: Those operating in support of more qualified first aiders in environments with a medium level of risk, or independently in low risk operations.

Regulation: Fully regulated through QualSafe, this course meets with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations and the Approved Code of Practice L74 guidelines, the HSE syllabus for Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) plus additional subjects.

First Aid at Work (FAW)

Course Duration: 18 hours contact teaching time

Suitable for: Individuals/teams operating in remote or high risk environments where definitive medical care facilities are more than one hour away/advanced medical aid may be delayed. Also suitable for: forestry rangers, climbers, inshore yachtsmen, trekkers, extended travellers etc...

Regulation: Meets with HSE First Aid (FAW) at Work Syllabus with additional focus on maintaining the casualty in a stable condition for an extended period of time. Complies with Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations Approved Code of Practice L74 guidelines for the qualification of workplace first aiders. Regulated through Qualsafe.

First Response Emergency Care (FREC Level 3)

Course Duration: 35 hours contact teaching time

Suitable for: Individuals/teams operating in high risk environments where advanced medical aid may be delayed e.g.off-shore yachtsmen, remote recreational activities, professionals working in remote locations.Focuses on the knowledge and skills to deal with a range of complex pre-hospital care emergencies.

Regulation: Regulated and nationally recognised qualification specifically designed for those working in very high risk, hostile and dynamic environments, either natural or man-made. Endorsed by The Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care – The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Fulfils competencies set out in the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Medicine Skills Framework.This qualification is one of the few recognised by the Security Industries Authority (SIA). Regulated by Qualsafe.

Course Content Comparison
 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)First Aid at Work (FAW)First Response Emergency Care (FREC Level 3)
Chain of life first aid prioritiesxxx
Incident managementxxx
Recovery positionxxx
First Aid Kitsxxx
Control bleedingxxx
Effects of hot and cold environmentsxxx
Common illnesses and conditionsxxx
Casualty evacuationxxx
Skill assessmentxxx
Trauma xx
Sterile kits  x
SAF, IDF, blasts and explosion  x
RTC drills  x