GroundTruth Consulting is a pioneering training and operational consultancy firm dedicated to delivering educated survival strategies for fragile environments




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Our SAT, HEAT and SAFE courses are approved by RoSPA

RoSPA Approved Course

Who We Are

GroundTruth specialise in training teams and individuals for high-level performance in dynamic, fragile, hostile and crisis environments worldwide.

We deliver our groundbreaking, immersive and experiential training programmes and consultancy services to clients who not only have a need to manage reputational risk and a Duty of Care to optimise the safety of their employees, but who are also passionately committed to the development and resilience of their people. In this, we are recognised as the Gold Standard.

We are therefore dedicated to working with people to optimise their choices, awareness and decision-making in the dynamic situations they are deployed to. Our philosophy is simple: ‘Survive, Thrive, Inspire’.

Our track record in preparing organisations and individuals speaks for itself, with the successful inception and delivery of hundreds of complex projects around the globe.

Current clients include international organisations, government agencies and corporate bodies, all of whom are deeply committed to the care and security of their employees.

A commitment to people underpins all of our work.

At our core is a team of expert consultants and practitioner-trainers who have unparalleled real-life experience of recent and current events around the globe. Their knowledge of today’s dynamic, fragile and crisis environments ensures that our training and consulting is directly relevant to events on the ground – ‘groundtruthed’, in fact.

With a wealth of global experience drawn from crisis management, humanitarian, international development, military, emergency services, security, medical, business and accelerated learning backgrounds, all our personnel are also highly qualified in their fields. They bring deep knowledge, hard-won experience and training expertise to our clients, so our solutions are adaptive, real, flexible and relevant; our solutions work and are an exact match for your needs.

In addition, for all projects, our commitment to manage risk, deliver predictable costs and manage resources is second to none.